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Indirect Lighting: The Secret to Attracting Customers to Your Store

7/11/2024 - Indirect Lighting for Commercial Spaces such as Stores, Hotels, Restaurants

Sound and Music in Stores

3/5/2024 - Discover the importance of sound and music in stores

Acoustic panels to minimize noise in restaurants

2/16/2024 - Supertwin acoustic panels help improve sound in restaurants

Improve the Sound of Your Hotel with Acoustic Panels

2/12/2024 - Minimize hotel noise to enhance the customer experience

Aspects to consider when lighting a store

1/26/2024 - What should be considered when lighting a store?

The Importance of the Senses in Commerce: How Lighting and Sound Affect the Shopping Experience

1/11/2024 - The importance of the senses in commerce is vital, where lighting and sound play key roles in the shopping experience.

The Secrets to Properly Illuminating a Shop Window

12/19/2023 - Discover the Secrets to Effectively Lighting a Shop Window in Your Retail Store. Have you ever wondered how certain stores capture your attention at a glance? In our latest blog, we reveal the answer

Lighting Solutions: LED Strips for Stores

11/22/2023 - Optimize the lighting of your business with our efficient and elegant LED strips. Superior quality for an exceptional shopping experience

Do you know how to illuminate a store or business correctly?

11/17/2023 - Are you considering lighting up your company, business, or store? Look no further, read this blog for ideas and inspiration on how to bring your space to life with the perfect lighting!

Color Temperature: The Secret of Perfect LED Lighting

11/13/2023 - Explore the world of color temperature in LED lighting. Learn how to select the right LED luminaire and enhance your lighting quality. Practical tips, detailed guides, and the latest trends await you.


11/10/2023 - Would you like to know all the tips for properly maintaining the LED light fixtures in your store? Read this blog.

The LED Technology Revolution: History, Mechanics, and Benefits of LED Lighting

11/8/2023 - Discover the history, mechanics, and benefits of LED lighting, a technology that has transformed efficiency and design in modern lighting


9/15/2023 - Luminaire Weight: Key Factor for Design, Safety, and Installation

Lighting in Retail

8/15/2023 - The Importance of Lighting in Retail

Sustainability in Lighting

7/9/2023 - Discover how to reduce light pollution and carbon footprint in your business.

Colors that Come to Life: The Impact of High CRI on LED Lighting

7/12/2024 - Our professional lighting systems offer an optimal CRI for true color reproduction, essential in retail lighting.